Monday, 4 August 2014

Taste Japan July Box

Today I will be reviewing the Taste Japan subscription box
The subscription is £15 per month and can be purchased from

What was in the box?
This months box included :
Country Maam - soft vanilla and chocolate cookies. I received one of each flavor.
Umaibo - A giant corn puff, I received 2 fish flavored Umaibo.
Everyburger -  Chocolate burgers. I received 1 box of these.
Pudding KitKats - Pudding flavored KitKats that can be eaten as they are or baked for 3 minutes.
Wasabi Bites - Almond,cheese and wasabi cookies. I received 3 of these.
Ottotto - Whale shaped potato crisps.
Chibiko Pack -  A sack full of Japanese gum.
Jagariko -  Asparagus and bacon flavored chip sticks
Takoyaki Shop -  D.I.Y takoyaki candy balls.

Is it worth it?
In my mind this box is definitely worth the £15 per month. All the snacks were delicious, my favorites were the Jagariko chips and the pudding KitKats.
My least favorite snack was the everyburger, these have a strange almost plastic taste but I'm sure this is probably the type of chocolate used to make them.

If you love Japan and are interested in Japanese snacks then this box is perfect for you! I will review each box as I get them.

Have a kawaii day!

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